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What Should We Do About The House In A Divorce? Part 1 of 4

You and your spouse are getting a divorce. You and your spouse must decide what to do about the family house. There are many options. The disposition of the family home can be a complicated issue. You must consider many factors before you agree on what to do about the house.

How to divide the 401(k) in a divorce

In a Virginia divorce, some property is easier to divide than others. Furniture can be divided simply by each party taking what he or she desires, provided both parties agree. No special document outside of the divorce decree or property settlement agreement is needed.

How Can I Get My Pet In The Divorce?

Evidence can be presented to the Judge to increase your odds of getting custody of your pet. You brought the pet into the marriage. You bought or adopted the pet. Your name is one on the ownership papers as the pet's owner. You take the pet to the veterinarian for check-ups and emergencies. You walk the pet. You take more care of the pet. The pet responds more to you and comes when you call his/her name. You are remaining in the residence where the pet has lived, so the pet's routine will not be disturbed. Your residence has more space indoors and outdoors for the pet. Your work hours allow you to spend more time with the pet during the day. You can take off during work to go home to tend to the pet. You feed the pet. You take the pet to the groomers. You are physically able to tend to and walk the pet. 

Who gets the Dogs, Cats, And Pets in Divorce? Part 1 of 2

The law has traditionally treated DOGS AND CATS and other PETS as personal property in divorce cases. Divorce courts consider a pet just as they would any other piece of property, like household furniture. As insensitive as this is, if the court even agrees to listen to your pleas for custody of your pet, it will either treat the pet like dividing of a piece of furniture. Or the court might just say it does not deal with pets and force you and your spouse to work it out. This seems a very cold approach, given the close bond and attachment with have with our pets-they are part of the family and closely bonded and attached to us and our kids. But it is the law. The law does not care about the best interests of the pets. Having said that, arguments can be made to appeal to the court to consider the special circumstance involving a pet. 

Your Husband Or Wife Is Cheating On You. What Should You Do?

Discovering your spouse is cheating is emotionally devastating. It feels like you have been hit by a Mack truck. You feel a wide range of intense emotions-shock, anger, betrayal, revenge and disgust. This is normal. But reacting this way may backfire legally.

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