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Child support modifications to pay for sports training

As Virginians watched the Summer Olympics, they may not have considered the cost of the training that allowed the athletes to make their dreams come true. When parents are divorced, figuring out how to pay for all of the associated expenses for athletically gifted kids can be an issue.

Effects of child custody on migration patterns

Parents in Virginia and throughout the country who divorce are more likely to share custody and avoid relocating, according to a study by a researcher who has examined changing migration patterns. Americans move to another state half as often as they did 50 years ago, but demographers have not known why. A University of Connecticut professor identified the changing nature of American families as one major factor.

Employment status is related to divorce risk

Virginia couples get divorced for a number of different reasons. When people get married, they likely do so without wanting to think about the possibility of their union ending. Unfortunately, many marriages do dissolve. A study looked at one factor that is strongly correlated with a couple's risk of divorcing.

Homeowners and a divorce mortgage option

The rise in divorce among elderly Americans may affect the options Virginia residents have when it comes to ending a marriage. "Gray" divorces refer to divorces between older couples, typically after a long-term marriage. One Bowling Green State University study found that twice as many people age 50 and over divorced in 2014 as in 1990.

Best practices for a divorce settlement agreement

Some people in Virginia who get a divorce may still remain connected either because they have children together or because they share a financial connection like a business or real estate. If this is the case, it is critical that each person understand the divorce settlement agreement and that it is written in a way that does not allow for misinterpretation.

VDaniel Dannenbaum virginia judge includes golf-related terms in custody order

The range of terms child custody orders here in Virginia can contain is quite diverse. They can touch on all different kinds of issues regarding a divorced/split couple's child, including things one might not normally associate with child custody. This is demonstrated by a recent Virginia child custody and visitation order that has caught the attention of the news media.

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