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When you are thinking about getting a divorce in Virginia, it is important to know ahead of time how the process works and how long it lasts. If you want to go to trial, you should be ready for a legal battle that can take years to unfold, costing you time and money. A separation agreement, however, can speed the process up.

At the Dannenbaum Law Firm, PLLC, in Arlington, Virginia, I can explain to you how a separation agreement can help you and your spouse complete a divorce faster and allow you both to move on with your new lives. With thousands of family law cases resolved throughout my career, I know what you need to do to avoid a costly trial.

Why A Separation Agreement Can Help You

While it is certainly understandable that you and your spouse may want to face off against each other in court when you file for divorce, it will not happen right away. In Virginia, you will have to wait at least a year before a trial begins, sometimes much longer.

For a separation agreement, you can negotiate everything — custody, child support, property division, alimony — ahead of time. Once you both sign the agreement, you will have to be legally separated for six months if you do not have children or a year if you have minor children. Once that period is over, I can help you quickly complete your divorce — sometimes in as short as two weeks.

It will likely not be easy to negotiate with your spouse, but the process will benefit you both immeasurably. As an experienced divorce attorney, I have seen firsthand how the separation agreement works and how it allows couples to move on faster and easier without a family law judge making all of their decisions for them.

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Contact my office in Arlington if you are considering a divorce and think a separation agreement could help you through the process easier. As your lawyer, I will walk you through the process. Call 703-661-9151 or toll free at 800-615-8904 to schedule a consultation.

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