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Navigating Complex And High-Net Worth Property Division During Divorce

There's a lot at stake when going through divorce. Whether you and your spouse have been married for only a few months or you've been together for decades, it's important to consider the financial implications of dividing your property and assets.

At my practice, Dannenbaum Law Firm, PLLC, I use my 25 years of experience to help clients in Arlington and throughout the Washington, D.C., metro take stock of their property and assets, protect what's important to them, all while preparing for life post divorce.

Constructing A Comprehensive Picture Of Your Assets Prior To, During And After Divorce

Equitable distribution in Virginia is about more than just selling the family home, determining who gets what car or splitting up other property and assets. For those with extensive or particularly complex assets, the process is much more involved and all but demands the assistance of an experienced divorce lawyer.

Some other types of property that will need to be identified and distributed or protected include:

  • Investments and stocks
  • Retirement benefits or pensions
  • Insurance
  • Inheritances
  • Vacation or investment properties
  • Closely held and family-owned businesses
  • Professional practices
  • Debts

Whether you or your spouse brought considerable assets to the marriage or you accrued your wealth while married will factor into how these assets are divided. By working together, we can review all your finances and develop a plan for holding on to what's rightfully yours.

With more than 25 years of experience and having handled thousands of divorce cases, I understand that each case is different and presents unique challenges. That is why I emphasize a close working relationship with my clients. By getting to know you, your interests and your goals, I can better develop a strategy for ensuring we achieve the outcome you want.

I will propose various options for navigating your divorce, including mediation and other types of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). These alternatives to trial offer numerous benefits such as saving you time, money and sparing you a lot of stress and frustration.

A Highly Respected Divorce Attorney Committed To Protecting What You Worked Hard To Achieve

To speak directly with me, attorney Daniel G. Dannenbaum, call my Arlington law office at 703-661-9151 or toll-free at 800-615-8904 to schedule a free initial consultation.

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