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Domestic violence allegations always need to be taken seriously. At Dannenbaum Law Firm, PLLC, I represent both victims of domestic violence and those who allegedly committed the act. As an experienced family law attorney, I know what the ramifications of domestic violence are, which is why I work as hard as I can to effectively represent my clients.

Family Law Attorney Handling Protective Orders In Alexandria, Arlington And Fairfax

Domestic violence allegations can have serious, immediate effects on families. If the alleged abuse happened during the middle of a divorce or the alleged victim decided to file for divorce, the court will likely take the alleged abuse into consideration when determining child custody.

If one spouse takes out a protective order against the other for abuse or stalking, usually the spouse against whom the allegations are will be thrown out of the house. If this is you, you may not be able to have contact with your children.

While a preliminary protective order lasts approximately 15 days, the order can be made permanent, meaning you may not be able to enter your home or contact your spouse or children for up to two years.

It is essential to fully investigate the allegations, including reviewing police reports, interviewing witnesses and looking for evidence. As your lawyer, I will fight to protect your rights and will provide you with practical legal advice about how the matter will affect a possible divorce or custody determination.

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